July 8, 2021

Employers are Asking Vacations Workplace


It’s the middle of summer, and in normal circumstances that means peak vacation season.

As the country continues to reopen, so is travelling. In fact, an article by Forbes said nearly 90 percent of American travelers are planning to travel in the next six months. But for the portion of Americans that aren’t quite ready to travel or take that vacation or are prohibited by financial challenges – how do you encourage them to either take time off, or perhaps unwind during the hot summer months?

That’s a question we’ve received several times by employers. Beyond taking PTO, there are several ways employers and managers can lessen the stress of their employees.

Hold outdoor meetings

Get away from the usual board rooms and head outside. Planning a meeting in the morning or late afternoon could be the perfect time (temperate-wise) to host a meeting. It allows everyone to enjoy fresh air, the nice weather and a change of scenery. If it’s a meeting in the middle of the day, perhaps allow employees to bring their lunches.

Encourage small breaks or walks outside, if possible or weather permitting.

Be more flexible

Sometimes work is a little harder to accomplish when it’s nice outside and instead we’re stuck in the office. We’ve all been there.

If your organization allows employees to work at home, perhaps allow them to work from home an extra day or two during the week. Your employees may take advantage by working on their deck in the backyard. A change of scenery could be a quick way to boost productivity.

Have employees send in pictures to share with other employees in newsletters etc. to inspire other employees that are having a harder time getting away from work.  Make sure to include a wide variety of photos from staycations to sporting events to quiet walks.

Hold raffles

Find a reason to hold a raffle and offer PTO as prizes. Maybe the employee with the most sales calls in a week gets their name entered into the raffle? Get creative.

Promote PTO usage

Have members of your company’s leadership team promote taking time off. Everyone needs to take time off to relax and recharge, and if managers are taking time off and encouraging others to do so – the rest will likely follow their lead. Run that report to discover who needs to take PTO. If an employee is not taking PTO, ask why. There could be more to the story than just not being able to travel.

There are many ways to encourage taking PTO. Again, be creative and allow employees to see their colleagues are relaxing and avoiding being burnt out while taking time off.

That’s what employers are asking us. If you have a question you want to be answered, email us at askapex@apexbg.com.

Brooke Salazar

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Brooke Salazar, JD, PHR

HR Consultant, Apex Associate Counsel and DE&I Officer
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