November 9, 2023


Apex Recognized as Adoption Advocate by Dave Thomas Foundation

INDIANAPOLIS — Apex Benefits has been named an Adoption Advocate for its employee adoption benefits by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Each year, the foundation’s Adoption Friendly Workplace program recognizes organizations across the country working to make parenthood possible for all.

“Adoption is expensive, and as our employees and their families open their hearts and homes for adoption, Apex wants to help lift some of the financial burden. We hope that employers across the nation continue to explore this benefit and stand alongside their employees on their adoption journey,” stated Vice President of HR & Administration Stephanie DiBlasio.

Apex Adoption Benefits

Full-time Apex employees are eligible for 10 days of parental leave and receive $5,000 in reimbursement to help cover adoption-related expenses. For instance, these expenses could include:

  • Application fees
  • Home studies
  • Legal, agency or placement fees
  • Court costs
  • Immigration, immunization and translation fees
  • Travel and transportation fees, including meals and lodging
  • Parent, child and family adoption counseling
  • Medical expenses of the child before adoption

About the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

In 1992, the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption (DTFA) became the only public nonprofit charity in the U.S. that is focused solely on foster care. DTFA works with child welfare advocates and policymakers, provides free resources about foster care adoption and raise awareness through campaigns and events. Since 2007, DTFA has honored organizations that strive to make adoption a supported option for every working parent through the Adoption-Friendly Workplace program. For more information visit

About Apex Benefits

Apex Benefits is Indiana’s largest independent employer benefits brokerage and consulting firm focused solely on group insurance programs. The organization’s proprietary solutions for achieving data-driven cost savings are powered by strategists who leverage their underwriting, insurance and health care expertise to save employers more on health care costs so they can invest more in their organizations and employees.

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