November 9, 2021

CA States sue against ETS


As of Friday, Nov. 5, 2021, at least a dozen states have filed lawsuits against the newly announced COVID-19 vaccination and testing mandate. Some states have filed jointly, while others filed individually.

The mandate compels private employers with at least 100 workers to require COVID-19 vaccinations or accept negative tests from unvaccinated employees each week.

A lawsuit filed Friday by 11 states alleges that only individual states—not the federal government—have the authority to require vaccinations. The states included in that lawsuit are Missouri, Arizona, Montana, Nebraska, Arkansas, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Alaska, New Hampshire and Wyoming.

Other states that have issued their own lawsuits include Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Louisiana, Indiana, Mississippi and Texas.

One of the state attorneys general filing suit said doing so was necessary to “protect personal freedoms.”

The White House and its health officials have repeatedly said mass vaccination is the only way to effectively end the COVID-19 pandemic and save lives.

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