February 18, 2022

Every four years, something extraordinary happens — the Olympics.

What is it about this great event that brings together so many people from different backgrounds for a positive experience?

Something about the Olympics allows for culture to arise within a community. As spectators, we gather in front of our televisions to cheer on the athletes who represent our country while putting differences aside. Even those who aren’t avid sport fans host parties and gatherings in support of athletes who are striving for a gold medal.

How can we achieve this same sense of camaraderie and enthusiasm all year long in the workplace?

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, company culture has become more critical than ever. Employees have more options and want to work in a place that fosters a culture that fits their needs. Every company’s goal should include creating a working environment that mimics the Olympics and the three core values it was founded on: excellence, friendship and respect.

It’s a common term in business that the customer is always right – and this motto should also translate to treating employees with the same amount of respect. Providing a business model that allows employees to be proud of their workplace will help generate more staff engagement and enthusiasm. When employees feel as though they are working toward a worthwhile and common goal, they are more likely to give it their all and enjoy their work.

Taking those values a step further — beyond achieving sales and revenue goals –   those same values can be brought to the daily lives of employees. Employers should ensure that every person on staff knows how valuable they are, similar to honoring hardworking athletes – and celebrate employees’ achievements, no matter how small.

The Olympics consist of several competitions, many in which athletes appear to compete alone seemingly with the full weight of their country resting on their shoulders. When the workplace gets tough, almost everyone can agree that employees can sometimes have similar feelings to those Olympic athletes, carrying the full weight of responsibility on their shoulders. Continuous email requests every day and a stack of never-ending to-dos can make anyone feel overwhelmed. It’s essential to foster a culture of teamwork where no employee feels alone with the full weight on their shoulders. Starting from the top of an organization, providing encouragement and support can make all the difference in a good working environment.

As we watch this year’s Olympics, remember the feeling of excitement and teamwork and consider how you can hone in on those themes to improve your workplace culture.