November 3, 2021

CDC approves vaccine children


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention authorized the emergency use of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for children aged 5-11 years old Tuesday evening. This covers approximately 28 million children in the United States, and allows them to be vaccinated as soon as possible.

The CDC’s decision comes just a week after the Food and Drug Administration issued a similar authorization. The CDC said a study showed Pfizer’s vaccine had a 91% effective rate in preventing COVID-19 in children aged 5-11 years.

The Marion County Public Health Department said it will offer the vaccine for children as soon as Thursday, Nov. 4. Indiana Chief Medical Officer Dr. Lindsey Weaver said the state has 1,300 vaccination sites available for children, and can be administered in places like pediatricians’ offices and local pharmacies.

Children’s vaccine doses will be about one-third the size of the dose given to older children and adults and administered with kid-sized needles. Two doses are still required three weeks apart.

For now, Pfizer is the only choice children have for a vaccine. Testing is still underway on low doses in children younger than 5 years old.