October 6, 2021

Apex Dave Thomas


Apex Benefits was recognized by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption for its paid parental leave benefits offered to its employees.

Apex was named among the top 100 employers to offer paid parental leave to foster parents.

Of that list, Apex was ranked sixth in small employers (1 to 100 employees) for its overall adoption benefits. The list was based on the 100 Best list methodology.

“At Apex we added Paid Parental Leave to our benefits package because we strongly believe in allowing parents time at home when they welcome a new child. We also believe that extends to foster families and those who adopt,” said Apex VP of Administration Stephanie DiBlasio. “To be recognized by the Dave Thomas Foundation for our efforts and policies is truly gratifying.”

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption is the only public nonprofit charity in the United States that is focused exclusively on foster care adoption. The Foundation recognizes organizations in the country for their benefits focusing on adoption and foster families.