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We challenge the premise that you are destined to experience large increases in the cost of benefits year after year.

What more would you do for your organization if you could save more on the cost of benefits?

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We save you more so you can do more:

Reinvest savings in employee development

Hire more employees

Increase salaries to retain top talent

Provide richer benefits

Reallocate to fund innovation

Invest in growing your organization

Increase your competitive strength

Increase profit margin

Painful Renewal?

A study of 30,000 covered lives showed Apex clients experienced a slight decrease in their medical costs — while the industry average increase was 8%.

If you’re less than satisfied with your renewal or the value provided by your current broker, we can help.

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What is a Peer Review?

A peer review assesses specific opportunities within your existing plan to see if there are areas for improvement and innovative strategies that your current consultant may have simply failed to identify, or may not have the capability or expertise to deploy.

Having a peer review conducted does not require you to make a consultant change. It can, however, provide you and your employees and plan members with the peace of mind that you are doing your very best to leverage a finite budget to deliver the best benefits program for the greatest return.

What the peer review analyzes is:

  • Your organization’s existing benefit program design
  • Your recent financial, medical and pharmacy claims data

Peer reviews typically result in two types of findings:

  • Areas of your current program that are performing well
  • Potential opportunities to substantially reduce costs and/or improve the quality and risk profile of your program


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