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We save you more so you can do more:

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Provide richer benefits

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Invest in growing your organization

Increase your competitive strength

Increase profit margin

Painful Renewal?

A study of 30,000 covered lives showed Apex clients experienced a slight decrease in their medical costs — while the industry average increase was 8%.

If you’re less than satisfied with your renewal or the value provided by your current broker, we can help.

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  • Stories of Savings

    We have the expertise to save our clients more on medical costs than any other Indiana benefits advisory firm. Just look at the proof points in our case studies.

  • November 1, 2021

    Apex Rx Expertise Helps Client Cut Spend By More Than a Third

    The savings found were substantial for the client. After discounts, rebates and fees the annual identified pharmacy savings were $110,156 for the client. Apex also discovered additional savings through clinical and specialty drugs of another $100,581. Those combined savings cut …

  • October 18, 2021

    Peer Review Nets Nearly $1 Million in Identified Savings

    The client was unsatisfied with the customer service and level of innovation provided by their benefits advisor. Apex was engaged to complete a Peer Review to identify immediate and future plan savings with minimal disruption to plan members.

  • October 3, 2021

    Clinical Expertise Saves $600K in Laser Liability Costs

    The client’s insurance provider would not release the detailed claims data and clinical case notes needed to help Apex negotiate the renewal. Therefore, competing stop loss carriers were comfortable with the risk profile only if able to “laser” one claimant …

  • September 19, 2021

    $6 Million Cost Savings, Refunds for Large School System

    Prior to Apex becoming the strategic advisor, this client also had a near-site clinic available to all members on the medical plan. After a thorough review of clinic data, our team found that the cost per visit exceeded $225 due …

  • September 13, 2021

    Indiana Township Realizes $505,000 in Savings

    It was determined that the client was due a refund. The Township not only saved money, but also saw an improved return on their investment for the clinic. The savings understandably left the client pleased knowing it was spending less …

  • August 31, 2021

    Client Sees Rx Spend Trimmed By More Than Half From Prior Year

    A mid-sized company with diverse holdings in the food and entertainment sector with about 400 employees.

  • July 18, 2021

    Realizing Savings Through Shift from Fully-Funded to RBR

    The client was experiencing rising and unsustainable healthcare costs while their revenue stream was capped. In 2015, two years prior to hiring Apex, its healthcare spend was $1.66 million. That spend increased to $1.81 million in 2016.

  • May 18, 2021

    Using RBR, Public Sector Expertise to Reduce Spend

    Apex was the first benefits advisory firm to introduce Reference-Based Reimbursement (RBR) pricing methodology to the public and private sectors in Indiana in 2012 and has the largest number of RBR clients among Indiana benefits advisory firms.

  • March 31, 2021

    Identifying Chronic Conditions Helps Steer Plan Member Care

    By identifying the employee’s medical and behavioral issues and specific needs, the Kinetiq Health team was able to establish individualized care paths to manage chronic conditions. The employee was steered to an appropriate place of service for ongoing monitoring. While …

What is a Peer Review?

A peer review assesses specific opportunities within your existing plan to see if there are areas for improvement and innovative strategies that your current consultant may have simply failed to identify, or may not have the capability or expertise to deploy.

Having a peer review conducted does not require you to make a consultant change. It can, however, provide you and your employees and plan members with the peace of mind that you are doing your very best to leverage a finite budget to deliver the best benefits program for the greatest return.

What the peer review analyzes is:

  • Your organization’s existing benefit program design
  • Your recent financial, medical and pharmacy claims data

Peer reviews typically result in two types of findings:

  • Areas of your current program that are performing well
  • Potential opportunities to substantially reduce costs and/or improve the quality and risk profile of your program


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