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Does Benchmarking Matter?

Many employers believe they have no control over the increasing costs of benefits and health care. But there are many things they absolutely can control.

Employers can’t afford to be passive.

Being knowledgeable of what your peers pay for benefits by utilizing benchmarking data is crucial to ensure that your benefits plan is strategically aligned with your organization’s goals and budget — and as competitive as possible. As your plan members utilize their benefits, claims are incurred; how you manage those claims is within your control.

The 2023 Apex Benefits Indiana Employee Benefits Benchmark Report provides important insights for taking control of how your benefits stack up and mitigating high-cost claims.

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Employee Benefits Benchmarking Report

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What’s Inside

Employee Benefits Strategy

  • Medical Plan Trends
  • PPO and HDHP Plan Trends
  • Tax-Advantaged Spending Accounts
  • Pharmacy Benefit Trends
  • Dental and Vision
  • Life Insurance and Disability
  • Voluntary Benefits Trends
  • Telehealth + Clinics
  • Paid Leave

Health Care Risk Management

  • Disease Management Trends
  • Wellness as a Strategy
  • Population Management
  • Reinsurance Claims Management
  • High-Cost Claims Management
  • Optimizing Care
  • Mental Health Care Gap

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