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HR, Compensation and Communications Consulting

We understand that Human Resource professionals are responsible for managing an employer’s most valuable asset — their employees. The hard truth is that this is a heavy burden to bear and often can’t be accomplished alone.

Do you need support in better informing your workforce about the total value of their compensation packages? Are your HR policies and procedures out of date? Perhaps you offer a Cadillac benefits plan but your employees just aren’t taking advantage of it? Our team can help you identify the gaps in your workforce policies and programs and implement solutions to impact employee engagement and satisfaction.


Our Services

We understand the burden Human Resources professionals bear when it comes to talent management. Whether it’s not enough hours in the day or a gap in resources available internally, our EmpactHR subject matter experts can serve as an extension of your HR department.

Human Resources Consulting

As your employee relations partner, our HR consulting team provides the high level guidance or administrative support needed to help you meet your largest challenges or smallest tasks. Deeply experienced in all aspects of HR, our consultants can assist with anything from federal policy consulting and workforce development to leave and performance management strategies.

Here are just a few ways we can help:

  • Policy development, revisions and implementation
  • Employee handbook development and revisions
  • Employee experience and engagement reviews
  • FMLA utilization and policy review
  • Paid Parental Leave consultation, benchmarking and policy development

Compensation Strategies

As your company evolves, how do you plan to attract and retain top talent? Are you looking for a better way to compete in the race to recruit the very best employees? Our consultants can help you create a compensation strategy that aligns with your company goals, reflects your unique culture, and engages your workforce with a specific, motivating direction.

Here are just a few ways we can help:

  • Compensation plans tailored to your organization’s HR and business goals
  • Compensation philosophy development to ensure your pay structure has intention
  • Compensation analysis and benchmarking to ensure you remain competitive
  • Customized sales, bonus and variable pay plans that reward top performers
  • Total Rewards Assessments to help you showcase all monetary and non-monetary rewards to your potential and existing talent

Benefits Communications

As we hear too often, employees are unclear or uncertain what benefits to select, what benefits are available to them or even how to access benefits in time of need. To improve employee engagement, our full-service marketing team will customize education and communication activities to align with your business objectives, workforce communication preferences and company culture.

Here are just a few ways we can help:

  • Employee satisfaction, communications and engagement assessments
  • Production of deliverables including open enrollment tools, wellness campaigns, newsletters and more
  • Year-round communications plan to better inform employees to make better benefits decisions and lifestyle choices
  • Full-service marketing communications support from social media best practices to branding to website strategy
  • Production of high quality content utilizing print, video and digital media formats

EmpactHR Team

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