February 9, 2022

Physical activity has many proven benefits, including boosting our self-esteem. When we have higher self-esteem, we’re better equipped to handle problems, accomplish goals, meet new people, and much more. Here are some ways in which physical activity can boost our self-esteem.

First, you feel a sense of accomplishment. The success of completing a workout or sticking to an exercise plan allows you to enjoy a sense of achievement. Reaching goals, like fitness goals, can give us a sense of pride and success, which helps to increase our self-efficacy. We feel better about ourselves when we accomplish something.

You may have heard the term “runner’s high”. And that’s because one of the biggest payoffs to exercising is the release of endorphins or the “feel-good” hormones. Endorphins have been shown to boost mood while reducing anxiety and depression symptoms. Exercising also decreases the level of cortisol in your body, the hormone responsible for stress. Having good self-esteem can start by feeling happier and less stressed more often.

Lastly, during exercise, as the heart and lungs work overtime, the body drives more oxygen and blood to the brain. Research shows that higher levels of oxygen in the brain lead to better function of the prefrontal cortex, the region of the brain responsible for decision-making and reasoning. Exercising can give you a sense of clarity, making you feel more confident in your decision-making.

A good sweat session has so many benefits, and if you’ve been feeling a little down about yourself, maybe try a workout. Self-esteem is a powerful factor in our overall well-being, so we need to make sure we’re taking steps to nurture a high level of it.

Kinetiq Health presents Better Health in 90, a video series of health tips in 90 seconds or less from our expert clinical team.

In this Better Health in 90 video, Apex Benefits Community Relations Coordinator and Group Fitness Instructor Lyndsey Isenhower discusses how physical activity can help raise your self-esteem.

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