Wellness Wednesday: Rediscover Your Inner Child!

Wellness Wednesday: 5/8/19: Rediscover Your Inner Child!
Wellness Wednesday: 5/8/19: Rediscover Your Inner Child!

No matter how busy you are with all the responsibilities that come with being an adult, you can still tap into your inner child. The benefits include boosting creativity, soothing stress, and having more fun. Try these strategies to rediscover the playful spirit and imagination of your inner child.

  • Go for a walk and come to your senses. Walking is an undisputed healthy way to exercise. But instead of only walking to burn up calories, take time to notice the sky, the trees, the people. Use your senses to see and hear life around you.
  • Play and learn. Nourish your inner child by being completely silly with friends or by enjoying an activity that you wouldn’t normally do. Whether you’d like to learn a musical instrument, another language or pick up a new hobby – taking that step to simply play and expend energy will produce a newfound sense of awe.
  • Make laughter a part of your day. At the start of each day, find some humor in everyday life. Seek out people who like to laugh, tell jokes, watch funny movies and remember how to belly laugh like a child. Laughter not only increases our mood but is also proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and increase our immune system.

Make laughter a part of your day

Enjoy the recipe of the week:

Frozen Fruit Smoothie!

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