August 19, 2020


All work and no recess can make life pretty dull. When is the last time you did something for the fun of it? Maybe you’re so focused on work and family demands, you forget to set aside time for play and enjoyment.

Maintaining a sense of fun, laughter and creativity throughout life are linked with the ability to feel happy. Maintaining that attitude will help boost your resilience and good health. Specifically, play and humor can relieve stress and boost energy, help solve problems and improve relationships — both at and away from work.

Play is finding amusement, humor, joy, and entertainment in your daily life. Enjoy play and fun in personal ways and those you live with — whatever boosts your mood and makes you smile and laugh.

You might:

  • Explore a favorite famous place online.
  • Listen to music or learn to play an instrument.
  • Get outdoors (observe social distancing and other protective measures if they’re in effect).
  • Camp in your backyard with your kids.
  • Enjoy humorous movies and books.

Strive to make play a part of every day. And make life easier.

Weekly Recipe

Raspberry-Mango Breakfast Parfait

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Sarah Michaels

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Sarah Michaels , RN

Director of Population Health & Analytics
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