August 26, 2020


Keep your wits about you!

How’s your mental stamina? Do you often lose concentration at work or during conversations? Do you want to reduce brain fog to improve thinking and learning? Good news! There are ways you can train your brain to process and recall information more effectively. Practice using these everyday brain aids:

  • Reduce distractions. Identify one task to focus on and when possible ignore everything else, including your phone, email, and interruptions. Tackle complex assignments when you’re most alert.
  • Keep your mind sharp. Enjoy challenging puzzles daily. Develop hobbies or study new subjects so you’re always learning something different. At work, maybe explore advanced training opportunities.
  • Nurture healthy relationships. Regular interaction with others may provide the best kind of brain exercise.
  • Routinely relieve mental tension. Studies have linked chronic stress to memory loss.
  • Choose a brain-boosting diet. That includes fish and other lean protein foods, plus plenty of fruit and vegetables every day. Skip alcohol and avoid saturated fats.
  • Get seven to nine hours of sleep daily. Sleep deprivation compromises your memory, creativity, problem-solving abilities, and critical thinking skills.
  • Choose blood-pumping cardio exercise. What’s good for the heart is good for the brain. Exercise breaks can help you get past mental fatigue and afternoon slumps.

Just as your body needs exercise to stay physically fit, your brain needs focused activity to stay mentally fit.

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