July 22, 2020

Stay Hydrated This Summer


Amidst summertime fun and activities, it can be easy to forget one simple thing: good hydration! Dehydration as a result of excessive heat exposure can lead to serious health issues such as cramps, heat exhaustion or even heat stroke. Take these precautions to be sure you’re well-hydrated throughout the summer months:

  • Don’t Wait Until You’re Thirsty: Thirst is actually an early sign of dehydration. Drink water throughout the day, not just when you’re thirsty. If you’re out and about, bring a reusable water bottle with you to make sure you stay hydrated on-the-go!
  • Get Hydration from Food: According to the National Institute of Health, about 20% of daily water intake comes from food. Fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers, lettuce, radishes, melons, berries and more have particularly high water content. Make these choices part of your daily routine. To keep things interesting and flavorful, try adding fresh fruit to your water!
  • Avoid Alcohol in Excess: Alcohol consumption can lead to dehydration, so it is best to avoid excessive intake. To help combat dehydration while drinking, have a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage consumed.

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