Especially with social media these days, we see all of the fun things our friends and families are doing together. It can leave us thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that?” or “Where did they hear about that?” Some of us just have a hard time planning ahead and wish there was something we could find for us to do spontaneously. Here are a few ideas to fill your calendar with activities that can be enjoyed by your whole family:

  • Google it! Get online and search for what’s happening around you
  • If your city sends weekly or monthly flyers or newspapers in the mail, take 2-3 minutes to browse the events section to see if anything catches your eye
  • Use social media — search events on your own or make a post asking for ideas and recommendations
  • Can’t find anything officially scheduled? No problem! Do your research to make sure the location you pick is open, then pack a cooler full of drinks and snacks or even a picnic lunch, load up the car, and head to a local park. Whether you find a trail to hike, a playground for little ones to run around on, or a quiet place to read a book—getting outside can be refreshing!

Remember quality over quantity when it comes to planning family activities. Schedules are busy, work can get in the way, teenagers want to be with their friends, and so on. You know how it goes!

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