January 19, 2022

Workplace relationships are a vital component of a company’s growth, employee retention, and overall work environment. Unfortunately, the average workplace is often so focused on productivity and getting the most accomplished within an eight-hour workday that people neglect the value of getting to know co-workers around them.

It’s important to realize the more comfortable co-workers are with one another, the more confident and positive they are in meetings, presentations, voicing opinions and collaboration.

Below are a few, simple ideas on promoting a positive workplace environment:

Make room in your schedule

First, it’s important to prioritize taking time during lunch, coffee breaks, or between meetings to get to know your co-workers.

This can look like taking a little extra time in the break room to strike up a conversation or picking up lunch with someone for a few minutes (rather than scarfing it down at your desk). You may be surprised at how much you enjoy being with the people who work right across from you!

Another huge benefit to getting to know your co-workers is you get to know more about their designated role in your workplace. This can help both of you to support each other in day-to-day tasks and develop a camaraderie within your team. If you have the work capacity, it can be helpful to alleviate some busy work you know the other person has on their plate while they prepare for a major presentation.

Create healthy relationships

Second, gossiping can quickly ruin a healthy workplace by compromising trust and confidence among co-workers. This can lead to feeling unsafe, confident, or comfortable in the workplace.

If you run into an issue with a colleague, make sure that you kindly speak with them about it at an appropriate time. Do not “vent” to other people around the office, as this will just make any matter worse. It’s extremely important to maintain mutual respect and understanding for each other while working towards a solution.

Be positive

Finally, another way to promote a healthy work environment is being positive! This idea can sound almost too simple however, in the last couple of years, it’s no surprise that many people have found it difficult to be positive in most situations.

Try to take note of things going well in your workplace. For instance, take time to notice what your colleagues are doing well or when a co-worker goes above and beyond, and let them know you appreciate what they’re doing for the team!

Overall, developing workplace relationships can truly be one of the greatest assets to an organization. Leaving your home, families and friends for eight hours a day to go work with some great people makes for a more enjoyable work life for everyone!

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