Keeping a family healthy takes time and commitment. Starting with goal-setting, make this a family event, prepare for it and make it fun. Here’s a few ways to keep the focus truly centered around wellness.

  • Lifelong good food habits— Start each day with breakfast. Learn the benefits of eating more fruits and vegetables and avoiding processed foods. Eat fast food only occasionally. Make dinner together.
  • Active pursuits — Children need at least 60 minutes of exercise every day, adults need 150 minutes per week, and you can accumulate it in any amount to get benefits. Just unplug from electronics and head for the park.
  • Safety always — For example, use helmets during sports, insist on thorough handwashing and stay aware of potential hazards, such as falling and burns. Make sure proper equipment is used in team sports.
  • Health screenings — Track routine exams, pediatric visits, immunizations and dental checkups. Ask about child health screenings for weight problems, unhealthy cholesterol and depression.
  • Sharing life together — When we take time to connect daily, we can build the resilience to counter stress and adversity as individuals.