May 11, 2022


Employee wellness is so much more than participating in health-based challenges or attending lunch and learns. Although these are fun ways to engage employees and break up the day-to-day, there are better ways to help your employees feel supported and well at work.

Promote Paid Time Off (PTO)

Yes, most groups provide PTO. However, over half of employees don’t use their time off throughout the year, which increases levels of burnout. Show that it is okay to take time for yourself – highlight leadership or fellow employees when they take personal days or do fun things with their friends and family.

Model a Work-Life Balance

Many employers state how important work-life balance is, but modeling that behavior sends a much stronger message. Commit to not responding to emails when out on PTO, as well as over weekends and evenings. This will set the tone for the rest of the organization.

Highlight Financial Wellness

Financial safety plays a large part in mental well-being. How can an employee focus on leading a meeting or networking with a new partner when they are not sure how they are going to pay their utility bills next month? Offering financial workshops or bringing in financial advisors who can make private appointments with employees in a one-on-one environment can help alleviate that mental burden, as well as educate on making smart financial decisions.

Mindfulness and Stress

It is easy to mentally take work home, as we often dwell on what could have gone better throughout the week or question the wording of the email that was just sent, which seems like a normal part of life. However, this type of stress can have a negative effect on the body and mind. Encourage employees to take a walk after lunch or on a break, host regular mindfulness classes, or send out quick videos for practicing mindfulness. These can give employees an outlet to step away from a stressful situation.

Social Connection

Asking that your employees be best friends is unrealistic. Research shows, however, that employees who feel connected to their fellow employees are happier and have better work performance. Putting together a social committee to host events such as picnics, outings, or volunteer events can allow relationships to flourish outside of the office environment and help employees to learn about the personal lives of the people they spend their weekdays with! Employers are not solely responsible for creating and maintaining this type of environment. It will take a village, and it will take time to trickle down through the organization. However, modeling this behavior and making these expectations clear can make all the difference in your employee population!

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