January 13, 2021


Currently, there are two COVID-19 vaccines authorized and recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines.

Many consumers are worried about the safety of these vaccines because of how rapidly the vaccines moved through the clinical trials. As even more vaccines get approved, it’ll be important to understand the side effects and safety information for each vaccine.

For the two approved vaccines, here are some safety precautions that you’ll need to understand.

  • Side effects – Many individuals experienced some side effects to the vaccine. The most common external side effects are swelling at the injection site, redness around the injection site, and pain around the injection site. The most common internal side effects are chills, tiredness, headache, muscle pain, nausea and fever. Some side effects resemble symptoms of the COVID-19 virus; however, this does not mean that you have COVID-19. To learn more about the side effects and how they affect us from clinicians and vaccine experts, register for Apex’s upcoming webinar on COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Two vaccine doses – Each vaccine is given in two doses. The Moderna vaccine is recommended to be injected 28 days apart while the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is recommended to be injected 21 days apart.
  • Timing – Side effects will typically appear within a day or two of getting the vaccine, and they should go away within a few days. Individuals have experienced more severe side effects after the second dose of each vaccine.
  • Allergic reactions – The CDC advises to not get the vaccine if a person is allergic to any ingredient in the vaccines. If a person gets the first dose of the vaccine and experiences an allergic reaction, they should not get the second dose. Symptoms of an allergic reaction are hives, swelling or wheezing (respiratory distress).
  • Pregnant and lactating individuals – People who are pregnant and part of a group recommended to get vaccinated may choose to get vaccinated. If you are pregnant or lactating, talk to your doctor before getting the vaccine because they may be helpful in deciding whether to be vaccinated with a vaccine that has been authorized for use under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

For more information on the side effects and safety precautions about the vaccine, join Apex at our next webinar on COVID-19 vaccines.

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