August 12, 2020


The Apex Benefits Monumental Challenge is underway for this season, but it’s not too late to earn your company points in the Challenge.

The Apex Benefits Monumental Challenge is a no-cost, employer-based wellness competition where companies compete with other similar-sized companies. Participating companies and their employees will be awarded points based on their participation in the Beyond Monumental events.

The Challenge is a great way to get active and build camaraderie around the office. With so much of our professional lives being virtual now, this encourages our coworkers and ourselves to connect and strengthen relationships outside the work environment.

Here are some ways you can connect and spend time with your coworkers will training for the Monumental events:

  • Walk/Run before or after work – Finding time in our busy lives to train for these events is much less daunting when you have people to do it with! Walking before or after work or on lunch breaks helps keep us accountable to get those steps in and makes it more fun.
  • Volunteer – The Beyond Monumental has volunteering opportunities that companies can also earn points for participating in. Get a big group together and do something for the community. Volunteering opportunities are listed here.
  • Share fitness tips – Post fitness tips to your company’s Intranet, make a Facebook group, or email chain for your coworkers that are training for these distance races. When you sign up for any Beyond Monumental event, you’ll receive a newsletter with lots of great information on fitness and health as well.
  • Exchange healthy recipes – Create a Facebook group or email chain with coworkers to share your favorite healthy recipes. Food is fuel for exercising, so you want to be well-nourished and hydrated when participating in the upcoming Beyond Monumental events.

Distance events are never easy, but they can be much more fun and motivating when you do them with others. Happy racing!

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