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Wellness Wednesday: A Fresh Start to a New Year

New Ways to Reach Your Goals in 2020

With the start of the New Year, many of us promise ourselves to become healthier, learn more and generally do better. Yet most of us have trouble achieving goals, such as losing weight or feeling more positive.

Start by learning the dimensions of well-being and a few practical ways to focus on each.

  • PhysicalNourish your body with balanced nutrition, daily exercise and proper rest. Get regular provider checkups and immunizations.
  • EmotionalKnow your feelings. Try to find positives in worry and negatives by learning from them. Recognize unhealthy patterns and learn to let them go – while viewing the good things in your life daily.
  • Spiritual Find purpose in life. Examine your beliefs and morals. Ask yourself – Do I have fulfillment and meaning in my life? It’s an ongoing process and can enhance your overall wellbeing.
  • Intellectual Keep learning. Seek activities that offer different ideas and stimulate critical thinking, curiosity, problem-solving and creativity.
  • Occupational Build professional skills. We gain knowledge and personal satisfaction with occupations that move us forward. Explore different career and volunteer opportunities.
  • Financial Manage short and long-term goals. Start with small changes that add up to savings over time. Reconsider unplanned purchases before buying.
  • Social – Connect with others. Having trusted relationships can boost your self-esteem and buffer stress. Make time for friends or join groups where you can meet others with similar interests.
  • Environmental– Enjoy nature every day. Take a walk outside, care for plants and notice the seasonal changes. Do your part to help preserve the environment – reduce noise, pollution and unnecessary consumption.

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