March 30, 2023

What kind of jobs come to mind when someone mentions careers in the benefits industry?  Two primary buckets often dominate— sales and service.  However, as the industry continues to become more complex, cutting-edge firms are looking for talent from a wide variety of backgrounds.

One of the fastest-growing areas of demand is clinical expertise. We live in a world driven by data. And the benefits space is no exception. Real insights that could improve people’s lives are waiting to be found in carrier reports.

Just having the data is not good enough. Who is looking at the data is key. This article from geckoboard does a great job breaking down common mistakes made when the wrong person is analyzing dashboards.  Leading benefit firms pair data analysts with clinicians who use their hands-on experience to create solutions that drive better health outcomes.

You may not have a background in the benefits space. But do you have:

  • A passion for helping others?
  • Experience in the health care field?
  • Interest in data-driven solutions?
  • Desire for diverse experience across industries?

If any of these ring true, the benefits industry has a need for you. We sat down with some of the clinicians and analysts on our team to highlight three unique roles using their expertise to build a better tomorrow for organizations and their people.

Market Analysts

Market analysts work hand in hand with the service team. They leverage data (financial and benefit related) to analyze employer plans. Their end goal — build a strategic plan that helps the organization meet current and future benefit needs.

We asked our one of our own market analysts, Pin Sorenson, MHSA about what aspect of her role she finds most fulfilling:

“I enjoy taking something from a mess to an organized mess. But the end result is the most fulfilling part. We take proposals, wade through the minutia and transform it into a report that people can understand.

You can see the light go on when someone understands you. It feels great to know to know we are impacting people-even if we’re not personally recognized. It is fulfilling to know I have helped.”

If you can synthesize information and communicate it to others effectively, market analysis could be a great fit for your skillset.


Social Worker

Benefits might be the last place someone would expect social workers to land. But their clinical experience is a vital to address the increasing mental health challenges facing organizations and employees today.

Within Apex, they collaborate with analysts and other clinicians to provide comprehensive mental health care solutions to clients.

Andrea Hickle, LCSW filled us in on what drove her to bring her skills to the benefits industry:

“I wanted to transition into a position where I could create change on a macro level. In previous roles I had experience both working in schools and in a variety of both ongoing and acute mental health treatment settings.

At the time I wasn’t familiar with social work careers in the benefit, but I was excited to learn how I could apply my clinical knowledge to the role.  I was drawn to the position because it allowed me to help employees access mental health care and benefits.”

Andrea’s experience has meshed with her passion. Some of her favorite elements of her role are educating on mental health topics and helping people understand and access their mental health benefits.

Clinical Team

Unique backgrounds abound within our clinical team. They drive prescriptive solutions for medical cost savings and lead programs that help manage and improve the health and productivity of our clients’ employees.

Their work backgrounds are diverse: registered nurses, health actuaries, certified personal trainers, dieticians and more. Their passion and experience help them leverage data to intervene for better health incomes. This team is also responsible for creating impactful wellness initiatives that help employees build healthier lives.

Kayla Hsu, MPH, CHES® shared why she thinks the benefits industry is a great landing place for a dietician:

“In past roles, there has always been some level of organizational hoops to jump through, but since coming to Apex, I’ve always felt supported both professionally and personally. If a current process doesn’t work well or if you have an idea, leadership is open to hearing feedback and receptive to making improvements. Rather than dread coming to the office, each day feels refreshing and my team is supportive. And Apex offers flexibility that makes it easy to enjoy life outside of the office, making work-life balance a real thing, not just a buzzword.”

Making benefits a benefit again.

Benefits are expensive and complicated. Everyone knows that they need them, but understanding and using benefits today might best be described as a burden.

Our industry needs talent from a wide variety of backgrounds. It needs people with the skills to simplify the complicated and a passion to improve health. Together we can make benefits a benefit again – not a burden

This post highlights three unique careers in the benefits industry, but we will be sharing more soon. Until then, head to our team page and meet more of our incredible employees and their own journeys to the industry!

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