As a Business Development Advisor, Julie Hawes brings 10 years of experience providing voluntary benefits to her clients. She’s relationship-driven, specializes in optimizing benefit dollars, and devises solutions that help businesses maximize them. Julie understands the value of keeping costs down while helping businesses retain quality employees. She uses cutting-edge technology to augment her clients’ budgets and makes sure employees and their families are well-protected.

While Julie knows that employee benefits are a large part of an employer’s budget, she also understands the value a solid benefits package plays in attracting and maintaining good employees. Therefore, she’s committed to making the best of what an employer can offer. She’s truly passionate about educating the employer/employee on benefits and is committed to making sure families are protected when life happens.

In today’s landscape one of her most meaningful initiatives are to empower healthier culture of employees. She works directly with Apex Benefits Population Health team members to meet employees/ employers where they are and stride to improve health driven journey.

As a people-person, Julie networks regularly. She’s a BNI member and serves on the board of Purposeful Living Inc. Plus, Julie is very family-oriented. She’s married to husband Justin and loves parenting their son and daughter, Rome and Novella. As a couple, Julie and her husband enjoy water activities and boating on Lake Monroe during the summer months. Their family recently moved to a farmhouse with land; they are adjusting well to this new journey. She’s also into healthy eating, exercise, and scratch-cooking.

Julie Hawes

I like to help employers with transparency. I really know the community deserves better, and I have the opportunity to work with employers in a collaborative space helping to find areas of improvement, cost savings and hopefully drive a wellness-driven population of employees.
Meet Julie Hawes

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