Alia works alongside organizations to design employee benefit plans that engage employees and attract and retain talent. Employees and team members want to feel valued and have their needs met. Alia understands that benefits extend beyond insurance plans. Her sharp attention to detail and drive to provide an elevated form of service to those she serves is built on the belief that hope is not a strategy. Alia delivers bespoke strategic plans to her clients and employer groups.

Before joining Apex in 2022, Alia spent over 20 years in a variety of employee benefit roles.  Alia likes to say, “if it’s an employee benefit, I’ve done it!”.  Alia worked for major carriers like Anthem, companies that implemented onsite-and near site clinics as well as onsite wellness programs.

Indy raised and east coast born, Alia currently lives on the northeast side of town in Lawrence with her 14-year-old son.  She has a dog (puggle) named Lucas.  In her spare time, she enjoys exercise and traveling back to see family in Philly.