Adena enjoys the insurance industry and uses her knowledge and years of experience to help employees and employers make very important decisions for themselves and their families.

Adena joined Apex in March 2020 and has over twenty-five years of human resources experience, working in several different HR roles for a variety of industries. She has over twenty years of experience in benefits management where she learned to select a brokerage firm, negotiate contracts, as well as develop relationships that have stood the test of time. Adena has a bachelor’s degree in business management-HR management and a master’s degree in organizational management and leadership; she is also a Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) member.

Adena enjoys spending time with her six children and ten grandchildren – and they all keep her weekends pretty busy with activities. Adena and her husband Vic have two dogs – Moose and Reggie.

She values giving back to the community and is a board member for an Indianapolis SUPER School.