Human Resources Consulting

Recruiting and retention of top talent, takes a thorough understanding of industry benchmarks and leading practices. Incorporating competitive compensation plans and paid time-off policies, while communicating a clear and consistent message to employees, is crucial to achieving organizational goals and reducing turnover. Apex Benefits is more than an insurance broker, we are a strategic partner that will help ensure your human capital strategy is properly aligned with your organizational goals and culture. Our team of SPHR® and SHRM® certified human resources professionals have assisted clients in the following areas:

Leave Management

> Reduce employer liability through paid time-off program benchmarking and policy modification

> FMLA utilization and policy review; leave continuum benchmarking “No Fault Absence” policy development and implementation

Employee Communication

> Employee handbook development and revision

> Employee “Town Hall” and open enrollment meeting

> Policy revisions and implementation

Compensation and Benefits

> Base and premium pay program benchmarking

> Position-based incentive program development

> Executive compensation and benefit packages

Additional Human Resources Services

> Job Descriptions, Employee Recruiting and Onboarding

> Human Resources Purchased Services Review

> Performance Improvement Plans Development