“What you can measure, you can manage.” As one of the guiding principles of Apex Benefits, we are committed to providing the tools necessary to help you manage the success of your health plans. Our proprietary analytic tool allows us to combine the value of your clinical and financial data with the power of our health plan and analytic expertise to provide you with strategic recommendations that generate employee engagement and contain cost for the health plan.

Financial Forecasting and Actuarial Services
Our actuarial team provides a menu of financials monthly, quarterly, and annually to ensure that you are equipped with the right information to make the best possible decisions. Our approach to finance is to take a full-spectrum look at what is happening with your health plan now and how modifications will play out among your membership. Our financial forecasting and plan migration analysis will allow to plan strategically for the future.

Clinical Analytics and Predictive Modeling
For our self-funded clients, your clinical data belongs to you, and you should be able to use it wisely. We do not simply provide a push-button report that is difficult to understand. We mine your data and provide you with an insightful customized report that we present with recommendations for plan design changes and wellness solutions that make a difference for you and your employees. Our data intelligence provides:

> YTD Claims Analysis
> Large Claimant Review
> Clinical Report
> Monthly/Quarterly Adhoc Reporting
> Monthly Overview/Executive Summary Report