Salazar in BizVoice Article

Salazar addresses “Opioids in the Workplace” in BizVoice Article

Brooke Salazar, HR consultant at Apex Benefits, recently shared her expertise on the topic of “Opioids in the Workplace” in the May/June issue of BizVoice Magazine. According to Salazar, more employers are recognizing the urgency and are seeking services to help them prepare for dealing with opioid misuse. “Employers really want to understand what their role is when it comes to addiction and their employees,” she stated.

Salazar provided a few key recommendations for employers:

Have a formal policy – Put in place a formal policy on how to handle opioid misuse in the workplace not only for legal and practical purposes but for the human and compassionate side of the equation. That way when something does happen, reaction time and resolution will be much quicker. A one-size-fits all approach should be avoided. Salazar stressed that the plan should be thoughtfully generated after assessing the company environment and values.

“Having a deliberate and thoughtful policy is absolutely necessary to prevent inconsistency in how terminations and discipline are handled.”

Track the data – Reviewing and analyzing data helps employers become aware of substance dependency trends in order to mitigate high-risk claims. Tracking can include pharmacy usage and visits to the doctor or emergency room. Salazar shared a scenario where Apex staff identified potential drug-seeking behavior after combing through reporting data – which revealed opioid misuse and led to resolution through the insurer.

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