Psychological Health: The Key To A Comprehensive Wellness Program

Psychological Health: The Key To A Comprehensive Wellness Program


Workplace wellness is an important element of keeping any company running smoothly, and an often-overlooked element of workplace wellness is psychological health. Beyond physical health, taking measures for psychological health can benefit companies through increased employee productivity and satisfaction. With job-related stress accounting for an estimated annual $300 billion in lost revenue for U.S. companies, taking appropriate steps to promote psychological health is one of the best measures for productivity and performance that companies can take.

There are several aspects of psychological health that companies can focus on in order to decrease stress and increase employee well-being, but the American Psychological Association specifically recommends five categories of psychologically healthy workplace practices to keep employees happier and more productive

Employee Involvement

Making an effort to involve employees more extensively in their tasks can pay off in the long run. Employees with a greater degree of autonomy and personal responsibility can develop a greater sense of connectedness to the job they hold. Having employees feel like they are personally contributing to the success of the company can increase morale, productivity, and overall quality of work.

Employee Growth and Development

Implementing employee growth and development programs show initiative on the company’s behalf to encourage their workforce to gain new knowledge and skills. By investing in employee growth, companies can ensure that their employees feel more actualized in their careers, which can increase morale and ultimately lead to increased retention.

Employee Recognition

Acknowledging and rewarding employees who do well in their positions is one of the most key elements of creating a psychologically healthy workplace. Without employee recognition, employees feel less valued and appreciated, and it can be easy to lose passion for a seemingly thankless job. By letting employees know that you appreciate their efforts through employee awards and office acknowledgement, you can cultivate a healthier office environment.

Health and Safety

Health and safety initiatives for employees can have a significant impact on their state of mind. Addressing current lifestyle habits and physical conditions in addition to encouraging positive changes helps promote a better culture of health among employees. Health initiatives show that the company genuinely cares about employee well-being, and healthy employees will be more productive and better suited to handle the stresses that come with their day-to-day tasks.

Work-Life Balance

Finally, promoting policies that allow for a proper work-life balance is as important as any company initiative to create a psychologically healthy workplace. Acknowledging that employees have a life outside of work and that sometimes they have personal matters that require attention, can let employees deal with the responsibilities in all facets of their lives more effectively. Employee well-being and reduced stress are worthwhile goals, and balancing work and life is an effective way to accomplish them.

A workplace that focuses on the psychological health of their employees will quickly become a workplace that employees want to work for, and a workplace that fosters productivity and quality work. Creating a corporate culture of psychological health is not only good for employees; it’s good for business.

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