March 19, 2017


  1. 1992. North Central v Ben Davis.

Bounce pass into me (tall 4), low post. Pivot, square to face basket 5 ft out. Ball fake to right. Power dribble, power step left and two hand slam over the collapsed big. It happened so fast & was over in a flash – But I can remember every second like it was yesterday.

While catching all the NCCA / NIT hoops action this week, I thought about my day in ’92. That day I began tying it all together. Best I can remember it went something like Diligence During Drills + Passionate Practice = Results. Paying attention to the execution. Truly passionate about getting it right the first time. All will lead to desired results.

I can’t tell you how amped up I get watching these tournaments. These young men diving for loose balls, pulling their teammates out of the crowd after a hustle play. It’s high stakes for sure but it’s blatantly obvious year-after-year these young men have expectations of excellence for themselves, their teammates, and their coaches. A foundation of owning up to expectation and having a truly honest approach to your craft.

I hope these young men never lose their passion. Passion for getting it right the first time. Passion for digging in and executing in the moment of expectation. For those of them that will eventually enter the business world and be in the business of earning trust from prospective clients and, subsequently, pulling through on promises, this passion will translate and be a well of inspiration they can revisit time-again.

Personally, I go back to that day in 1992 often. It’s a clear, visual reminder for me. The very reason I am so passionate about helping employers get things right with their health & welfare benefits. The very reason I find a lot of energy in opportunities to critically think through approaches to making things better for employees & guiding employers to innovative, proven approaches to control & cut costs. Conversations with prospective clients begin in so many different places but, for me, always rooted in a passion for excellence.

OK, now back to hoops……..and, reassuring a 9-year-old son he still has a chance to win our family bracket despite watching ‘Nova getting knocked out last night!

Scott Long

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Scott Long, CPBS, CHVP, CSFS

Executive Advisor


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