Apex Benefits’ Chief Innovation Officer Stan Jackson recently was asked to participate in the Indianapolis Business Journal’s Thought Leadership Roundtable on health care and benefits. See how Stan and other industry executives respond to questions regarding how the COVID-19 pandemic is changing work life and the healthcare benefits industry.


Q: How do you see the COVID-19 pandemic changing how we deliver care in this country?

Jackson: Concerns about exposure to infectious diseases will make diagnosing through video a more common and better protocol. Of interest will also be how to sustain the health-care delivery system in the event of another outbreak. Health systems have hopefully developed protocols to sustain care delivery through “safe” sites.

Q: Speaking of mental health, it was already a major issue for employers, and it might loom even larger in light of pandemic and social unrest. How should employers respond?

Jackson: Employers should consider expanding coverage for telehealth visits. They also should be looking at adding or expanding the mental health resources available through Employee Assistance Programs. It’s a great way for employers to support employees. At Apex Benefits, we are leveraging virtual conferencing to provide education to our employees. We have a greater number of wellness opportunities for our employees and our clients’ employees than before the pandemic and they’re delivered via tools like GoToWebinar and Lessonly.


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