The flu season is in full swing and Indiana has already reported two influenza-associated deaths as of October 24. The Indiana State Department of Health reported more than 110 Hoosiers died from influenza-associated illnesses during the 2018-19 flu season.

Not only is the flu deadly, it’s costly. The CDC reports it costs businesses nearly $10.4 billion in direct expenses for adult hospitalizations and outpatient visits.

To help its clients mitigate such expenses and keep their employees healthier, the Apex Benefits Population Health and Wellness Team is coordinating onsite flu vaccinations for clients in partnership with IU Health.

“Offering onsite flu shot options makes it so much easier for your employees to get vaccinated and stay healthy,” says Jacquie Vail, RD, program manager of Apex Population Health. “This small investment can have major downstream rewards for your organization with potentially fewer physician visits, reduced work absences and greater productivity.”

Apex, its client IPS, and IU Health were featured in a recent news story about their combined effort to prevent influenza:

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Need Flu Vaccination Resources?

The CDC offers resources for employers in engaging employees and communicating the importance of vaccination.

The Apex Population Health and Wellness team can assist with onsite flu shot coordination for employers. Email for more information.