#45 – May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month (Part 1 of 2)

In this first part of Scott Long’s conversation with Carol Harnett, President of the Council for Disability Awareness, Scott and Carol discuss the key facts to be familiar with as millions of working Americans face a growing crisis: a lack of adequate disability insurance coverage. May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month and education is critically important.  Carol shares how the CDA is moving the needle on income protection awareness with it’s most recent initiative, RealityCheckup.org.

To read the study Carol mentions regarding the impact of hospitalization on income, please see this link and this link for the NY Times summary article mentioned.

To learn more about Disability Insurance Awareness Month, see www.DisabilityCanHappen.org.  To learn more about the CDA’s new consumer outreach program, seewww.RealityCheckup.org.

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