#23 Non-Compete Agreements: One-Size Fits All? Not so fast... (Part 1 of 2) - Apex Benefits

#23 Non-Compete Agreements: One-Size Fits All? Not so fast… (Part 1 of 2)

On this episode of The Point, Scott Long discusses Non-Compete Agreements with Kris Kazmierczak, Attorney at Katz Korin Cunningham. Katz Korin Cunningham delivers a comprehensive array of legal services to individuals, businesses (public and closely held entities) and government-related organizations. Services include business acquisitions and sales, real estate development and finance matters, healthcare dispute resolution, estate planning, probate and special needs matters, complex litigation, and business transactions. Special focus is devoted to “staying ahead of the curve” in assisting clients seize opportunities generated through legislative initiatives on a federal, state and local level. Kris Kazmierczak offers over fifteen years of bench and jury trial experience in state and federal court protecting the rights and interests of businesses and individuals. Whether through negotiation, evidentiary development, case strategy or a combination of these efforts, Mr. Kazmierczak capitalizes on his trial experience to guide his clients toward cost-effective solutions for their legal issues and business disputes. To learn more about Katz Korin Cunningham visit http://kkclegal.com/

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