Employers’ Survival Guide Series

Learn how to prepare now to avoid high-risk claims later

You may not be yet, but many employers are already in the trenches, fighting the battle to reduce high-risk claims. Attend these Survival Guide discussions to learn more about how to navigate the personal, professional and business implications of this fight.

You’ll come away with:

  • Ideas for practical, applicable solutions for your workplace
  • Tips for identifying employees in need
  • Viewpoints from employers who are experiencing issues right now
  • Valuable peer and professional connections

Event 1

Tackling Opioids in the Workplace

Does your employer have the right tools in place to mitigate the impact of the opioid health crisis? Not only is substance dependence affecting our personal lives, it is permeating our workplaces.

If it hasn’t affected you yet, odds are good that it will. It’s reported that 75% of adults ages 18 to 64 with substance misuse disorders are active in the workforce*. Are they your fellow coworkers?

How are you tackling the issue of opioid dependence in your workplace?

  • How has the issue affected your employer?
  • What tools, policies or systems have you put in place?

Event 2

Flip the Script Blog Image

A Prescription for Managing the Impact of High-Cost Medications

A diagnosis of cancer or a debilitating chronic disease resulting in the need for lifesaving, high-cost medications can wreak absolute havoc on an employer’s finances.

Learn more about managing claims today – and those that are likely to occur in the future – by attending this free program featuring global experts representing pharmaceutical manufacturing, health insurance, pharmacy benefits management and employee benefits consulting.