May 27, 2021


Employers are asking me right now about the ‘Great Resignation Boom’ that experts are predicting to happen in the next few months.

What is the Great Resignation Boom?

What we’re seeing right now is folks shifting, especially high-talent, high-performing individuals, are looking to see where they can go.

So how do we keep our key players and high-performing ideas from leaving and going elsewhere?

Let’s talk surveys, and how to identify our organization’s key strengths are and how to build on those. Employees are telling us that flexible work hours are no longer going to cut it in a post-COVID world.

When we talk about our total rewards program, we need to be careful when we include flexible planning because employees have experienced that for the last year.

So, look into surveys, and what other benefits can really help your total rewards program you already have.

That’s what employers are asking us today. If you have questions you want answered in real time, email us at

Brooke Salazar

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Brooke Salazar, JD, PHR

HR Consultant, Apex Associate Counsel and DE&I Officer
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