July 15, 2021

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Let’s be honest – the job market is tough right now. We’ve heard of things like the ‘Great Resignation,’ and employers struggling to fill open positions for various reasons.

Employee turnover can be frustrating — and costly — to your organization. It takes time, effort and money to fill open positions and onboard new employees. It’s much more efficient and cost effective to make sure all of your employees are satisfied with their current positions. However, we also know things happen outside our control.

But a question we have been receiving consistently is, “How can I recruit top talent, and how can I keep it?”

There are a few ways to accomplish this.

Evaluate your benefits package

The pandemic has shifted some priorities in what employees want in their total benefits package. Benefits focusing on wellness, mental health and well-being have become top of mind for employees. Does your benefits package include these things?

What about your PTO policy? Now more than ever, employees need that time off to reduce the burnout they’ve experienced in the last year.

Thankfully, there’s a way to see how your benefits compare to other Indiana employers through the Apex Benefits 2021 Custom Benchmarking Report. Use this tool to your advantage to create a competitive benefits package that attracts top talent in your industry.

Encourage work-life balance

The line between personal life and work life became blurred during the pandemic as nearly all of us worked from home at some point. For some, that made it hard to completely turn off work.

As employees are now back in the workplace full-time or in a hybrid model, there’s still a burnout risk. Encourage employees to take time off to care for themselves, or to just simply relax and recharge. Having managers take time off as well can be a way to encourage employees to take time away.

Engage your employees

Keeping your employees engaged with workplace happenings is a way to keep them productive, and hopefully, happy.

Find ways to praise them for a milestone or for completing a long project. Employees want to feel appreciated for the work they do.

You can also offer continuous education or development opportunities within your organization.

Those are just a few simple ways to recruit and keep the top talent in your industry. There are limitless possibilities out there — and our HR Consultant Brooke Salazar can provide even more insights.

That’s what employers are asking us. Have a question? Email us at askapex@apexbg.com.

That’s what employers are asking us. If you have a question you want to be answered, email us at askapex@apexbg.com.

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