June 17, 2021


Things are starting to look more normal”ish” every day.

The good news is the summer months have arrived. School is out, the sun is out, and places are starting to fully reopen as more of the population becomes fully vaccinated.

However, the summer doesn’t always mean bright days. It’s still important to keep mental health at the forefront of conversations regarding employee productivity and healthcare costs.


Why Should Employers Care?

“The Great Resignation” boom is upon us, with one study finding that 72 percent of employees are burned out, which costs employers an estimated 125 billion dollars in lost productivity and healthcare costs. A whopping 25 percent of employees say they plan to quit their jobs post-COVID with burnout being the main reason for wanting a change.


Considerations for Employers

  • Conduct employee surveys on burnout – Until we understand the depth and breadth of burnout, it will be challenging to develop solutions to this issue. Also, understanding how different managers manage burnout within their teams will allow others to benefit from those experiences.
  • Implement Summer Fridays – If you walk around your workplace at 3:00 p.m. on Friday and no one is in the office, you should consider making Summer Fridays official. You could adjust work hour expectations during the week to shift when work is done.
  • Train managers on mental health – Invest in mental health training to help managers address this topic with employees and prevent or mitigate burnout.
  • Empower managers to reward employees with PTO – PTO days are highly coveted and a free form of recognition.
  • Encourage disconnection days or times – Encouraging employees to completely disconnect from the workplace will demonstrate the company’s investment in mental health.
  • Provide mental health resources – From Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) to Lunch & Learns about mindfulness, employees are looking for information to support their mental health. Not sure where to find mental health resources? Check out at Apex’s Workplace Wellness @ Home videos to start with on-demand content.


That’s what employers are asking us. If you have a question, email us at ask@apexbg.com!

Brooke Salazar

Authored By

Brooke Salazar, JD, PHR

HR Consultant, Apex Associate Counsel and DE&I Officer
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