Hard Truth: Your HR Policies Probably Won’t Weather the Generational Tsunami
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Hard Truth: Your HR Policies Probably Won’t Weather the Generational Tsunami

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The gen Z or millennial you’re trying to hire may never look your way if your HR policies don’t speak to their needs. Change is coming and it’s no longer enough that your gen x or boomer workers are happy.  Let’s take a hard look at some of the generational policy gaps that may appear unrealistic or archaic from the different perspectives. Learn from employers that are weathering the storm by bridging the generations.



Elias Serrano is the CEO of MS-IL Staffing & Packaging, and Pro Talent Group, an experienced staffing firm dedicated to specialized workforce solutions in manufacturing, e-commerce, venue management, packaging, and professional talent search.  Prior to starting his career with MS-IL and Pro Talent Group, Elias worked for an automotive remanufacturing company headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, where he served as HR Manager for one of twenty-six facilities.  In 2001 Elias relocated to Indianapolis, IN, for an opportunity to start a company known today as MS-IL Staffing & Packaging and Pro Talent Group.   Before being awarded the role of CEO, Elias achieved various duties throughout the organization, such as Recruiting, HR, Sales, and Operations, allowing him the opportunity to gain the experience necessary for the role he assumes today.  His focus is on expanding the company’s footprint by developing and improving brand awareness, introducing new market verticals, and forging business partnerships.  Most recently, Elias return to school at Purdue Global University, where he is pursuing an MBA.

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