Case Study

Long-Term Relationship Nets Bottom-Line Results for Large Employer


The Archdiocese of Indianapolis dates back to 1834 and continues to grow exponentially in size and depth. Today, the Archdiocese comprises 126 parishes, 68 schools, and six Catholic Charities agencies and employs about 6,000.


Upon engagement, the biggest challenge that HR Director Ed Isakson reported in terms of employee benefits was providing a competitive health insurance package as costs continuously rise. The Archdiocese had to find innovative solutions to keep their healthcare costs under control.

“Apex Benefits has been a valued partner for (more than) ten years now, and has been a tremendous asset for us.” Ed Isakson


In addition to helping the organization keep healthcare costs at a reasonable rate, Apex also aided in transitioning from one major carrier to another.

“Apex Benefits was instrumental in walking with us every step of the way through the transition to a new carrier. They looked at various options for us and coordinated presentations from different providers. They were involved in statistical analysis comparing different providers— not only with regard to cost, but also access for our employees and quality of care. They did very thorough analysis that helped us,” said Isakson.  “They were physically with us during site visits. So they literally walked with us every step of the way.”


Apex Benefits has aided the Archdiocese with developing and implementing competitive benefits plans and has served their growing employee benefits needs for over a decade. According to Isakson, that relationship is stronger than ever.

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