Apex Benefits and Axiom Human Resource Solutions present “Rapid Response,” a breakdown of legislative and compliance issues affecting Indiana employers and workers. This series addresses the $2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act or the ‘‘CARES Act” signed into law by the President on March 27, 2020.

The Act provides relief for workers, small business and industries impacted in recent weeks by the coronavirus outbreak. The Act, as approved by the House, also includes health provisions to address the COVID-19 outbreak, including funding for healthcare supply shortages, coverage of diagnostic testing, and support for healthcare providers and telehealth services.

Administration Provisions for Employers

This video breaks down SBA loan provisions including who is eligible and how to get a loan for businesses under 500 employees. Also outlines how the loan can be used and repayment information.

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Payroll Tax Provisions for Employers

This video breaks down employer payroll tax provisions including employee retention credits, social security tax deferments, retention of payroll taxes and more.

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Unemployment Insurance and Direct Cash Payments

This video breaks down relief payments to individuals and families as well as unemployment provisions of the CARES Act.

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Benefit Plan and HSA Questions

This video breaks down health plan benefit expansion and HSA provisions of the CARES Act.

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