Our first priority at Apex Benefits is the health of our employer clients and their employees.  Our team of experts has identified many near-term and long-term opportunities for companies to consider in order to generate cost savings or create greater operational efficiencies.

Proactive strategic planning to identify and implement cost-savings measures isn’t a luxury during times of crisis. As a result, it is very important to quickly and carefully consider the consequences of adopting cost savings measures to organizations and their employees. If your organization needs assistance in identifying or evaluating your options, we’re here to help.

Furloughs vs. Layoffs

Consider Furloughs as an Alternative to Layoffs. A furloughed employee is not a separated employee, even if the hours are reduced to zero. Depending on the employee benefits plan design, a furloughed employee’s reduction of hours may still allow eligibility, or a Plan amendment could fix that issue and allow the employer to save the hourly costs but still make benefits available. Call your Apex Benefits consultant for more information or find more information here.

Alter Worker Pay or Number of Hours

Consider Different Pay, Hour, and Assignment Scenarios. The Fair Labor Standards Act rules all still apply, but there are actions employers can take to save costs and keep their employee’s healthcare benefits

Change Your Benefit Plan Design

Change contributions toward health plans. In order to save costs so as to retain employees, a re-balancing of employer and employee contributions to the plan could be helpful and minimally disruptive. Good data analysis and negotiating skills with carriers are important now more than ever.

Add or Promote Telemedicine

Not only a necessity during COVID-19, but the concept comes with some real cost savings for company health insurance plans. The savings can be used to retain employees.

Add Another Benefit Option at a Lower Cost to Members

Add a lower cost health plan option. An Apex advisor can walk you through all the options.

Alter Ancillary Coverage

Change ancillary coverages to all voluntary employee-paid benefits like dental, vision, disability and others.

Change Your Rx Formulary

Any and all options previously thought to be too lean, including a change in formulary should now be on the table.

401k Contributions or Retirement Benefit Suspension

Temporarily suspend your contributions or the worker’s share of 401k or retirement benefits.

Is Office Space a Negotiable Overhead Cost?

Close down or re-purpose unused space. Ask your landlord to defer payments or see if you can renegotiate terms; they’d rather have some rental income than none.

Revisit Previous Conversations

Odds are good you’ve had to deploy other cost savings measures over the years, or had conversations about such measures. Review all previously explored or deployed cost cutting measures.

Renegotiate Vendor Contracts

You vendors are likely in the same position of looking for cost savings opportunities, however, may be willing to renegotiate terms or defer payments in order to keep your business.

Have You Asked Your Employees for Their Ideas?

A healthy corporate culture is one is which employees are empowered to be part of the solution. Ask them for their ideas for creating cost savings opportunities of creating efficiencies.

Are You Communicating Often and Openly With Your Team?

Honesty is the best policy in times of crisis. Even communicating “I don’t know” is better than not addressing issues at hand. Reassure your team that you are doing the best you can to answer their questions and that you will communicate the answers once you have them.