Communicating Employee Benefits

With the open enrollment period upon us, nearly every business is likely wondering how to properly interact with their employees in the context of benefits. The difference between successful and unsuccessful communication towards employees can mark the difference between satisfied and productive employees, or dissatisfied and unproductive employees.

Properly handling and delivering an effective benefits communication program can be difficult at times to implement, but it is important enough to make the effort. So, what are some tips to follow when attempting to better communicate with employees about benefits?

• Ensure you thoroughly know your benefits offerings, and make sure to provide adequate information to employees

Providing thorough and clearly organized information is vital to your employees’ understanding of their options. By compiling comparisons of different plans and communicating the benefits of these plans for different employees across all walks of life, employees are likely to have less indecision when making their decision. Providing open opportunities for questions about enrollment is another step towards a satisfied and properly covered workforce.

• Prepare your communication game plan

For HR professionals, enrollment is one of the most vital times of the year. Prepare who has to create the different elements of communications, what these communications materials will say, and when the communication will take place. By planning out precisely what you will say, there is a greater likelihood that employees will more clearly understand what you are attempting to communicate.

• Gather and evaluate employee feedback

A key element of successful benefits communications is evaluating how employees perceive the quality of communications. Studying how employees react to benefits communications can help you avoid mistakes in your own, and collecting survey information from employees about how they react to your communications will let you further refine your efforts each year.

Open enrollment can be a stressful time of the year for any business. There is often miscommunication and confusion about what employees should and should not do, so communications have proven themselves almost as important as the actual offerings themselves. With a winning combination of targeted, optimized benefits and effective communication, companies will be able to get through enrollment with as little hassle as possible.