The Challenge

For years, an Indiana county, had unsuccessfully sought to establish a partnership with their local hospital in order to provide more price-efficient care for their 100+ employees. Negotiation difficulties had slowed the proposed partnership to a halt, but when the county began their collaboration with Apex Benefits in May 2010, Apex took the challenge to bring the hospital and county together.

The Solution

After resuming negotiations with the local hospital on behalf of the County, Apex Benefits was able to secure a special discount for county government employees.

In addition to several standard discount rates, employees were able to pay 10% additional coinsurance on the county’s plan in order to secure specialist visits at the same cost as visits to primary care physicians. Since partnering with Apex Benefits, this collaborative approach has yielded positive results throughout the County.

The Result

County and the local Hospital, facilitated by Apex, has led to increased utilization of the hospital and reduced medical spending from the County government.

As an extension to their successful relationship with both the County and the Hospital, Apex Benefits provided assistance in planning the 6th annual Health Fair and biometric screening, allowing health plan members to receive free biometric screenings each year. Screenings provide vital health information and provide immediate feedback about employees’ risk for diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and other chronic conditions.

With continued success in both healthcare costs and outcomes for its employees, Apex Benefits is proud to have facilitated a relationship between the County government and their local health care provider.