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New Work-Life Challenges

We recognize the impact COVID-19 has had on employers and their efforts to support their employees.

There are four fundamental realities we understand with today’s work-life balance:

(1)   We recognize that even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the blended work-life world was becoming more complex, leading to challenges for both employers and employees.

(2)   Data from both before and during the crisis clearly shows that when employers provide greater support to their employees, their employees are more successful.

(3)   A flexible approach to work, along with managers and supervisors who lead by example, is essential in helping employees manage the challenges of the work-life blend.

(4)   And, 4, COVID-19 has created unprecedented & new stressors for most and the mental health impacts of this crisis won’t just disappear upon returning to life outside the home.

These realities are the very reason I came together with MetLife last week to deliver “The New Work-Life Realities: What Support Your Employees Are Looking For” webinar.

I wanted to:

(1)   Share insight into how the “always on” work-life world has changed,

(2)   Provide insight on how employees are finding new ways to “switch off”

We often hear from employees that they view 24/7 access and availability to work materials and colleagues as a double-edged sword. There’s upsides – but for many of us, it’s difficult to stop working. In the midst of the pandemic, work and life are blending more than ever, forcing people to manage their work, personal schedules and competing priorities in dramatically different ways.

Are Your Employees ‘Always On’​?

What we understand to be the biggest change in the blended work-life is employees’ inability to set boundaries and call it quits for the day – Or, “switch off”.

So for those employees who struggle “switching off” or are experiencing increased stress due to the challenges of this new work-life blend, how can we support them?

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Scott Switching Off LinkedIn Article Slide 3

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We covered a lot of ground during the webinar. Below are a list of resources that I would be happy to discuss additional context with any Human Resources that would want to dive deeper.


What Support Your Employees Are Looking For

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