Apex Benefits Monumental Challenge

Join Us for a Monumental Challenge

The Apex Monumental Challenge, an employer-based, team competition, with no registration fee for companies to sign up, is officially open to enrollment and will begin on Thursday, June 7, 2018 with the Monumental Mile.

Participating companies will compete in four categories: Very Small (Up to 9 full time employees) Small (10 to 50 full time employees), Medium (51 to 500 full time employees) and Large (over 500 employees). Families of participating company’s employees will also be eligible to score points.

Points are awarded based on participation and completion rather than finish time or individual place. Finishers will earn one point for completing the 5K, two points for completing the half marathon and three points for completing the marathon, at the CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Marathon on Saturday, November 3, 2018 and at the Indy Half Marathon at Fort Ben on Saturday, October 6, 2018. Additionally, completing the Monumental Mile on Thursday, June 7 will also garner one point toward the team’s total score. Participants will also be able to earn one half point

for their team by volunteering during the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon and the Indy Half Marathon at Fort Ben weekends and at the Monumental Mile. Children of participants will be able to score one half point by participating in the Kids Fun Run on Indianapolis Monumental Marathon Weekend and the Kids One Mile Run at the Indy Half Marathon Weekend.

Final standings will be determined based on the number of total points, divided by the number of Central Indiana based employees. The winning team in each division will receive an awards luncheon at their work place and a traveling trophy for display.

The Apex Monumental Challenge is open to any employer with offices in Central Indiana and there is no cost to enroll. To enroll your organization or for more information, email challenge@beyondmonumental.org.