COVID 19: Cost Concerns and Return to the Workplace Challenges

In partnership with the Association of Indiana Counties (AIC), a team of Apex experts will host a discussion entitled “The Government Sector and COVID-19: Cost Concerns and Return to the Workplace Challenges.”

Apex experts will help assess considerations for employee well-being upon returning to the workplace and probable impact on already tightened budgets.

Panelists will discuss:

  • Who is most at risk and what are the risk factors?
  • Which employees do you call back to work – when and how?
  • What preventative measures could you put in place, such as temperature checks or workplace modifications?
  • Likely issues that will arise once they arrive, including Americans with Disabilities Act, OHSA and EEOC matters
  • Helping employees cope with stressors related to returning to the workplace
  • Assessing financial impact as COVID-19 claims emerge and new claims are incurred due to treatments and procedures that had been previously postponed



Welcome by: Shawna Schwegman, Apex Business Development Consultant


Brooke Salazar, JD, PHR, Apex Human Resources Consultant and Associate Internal General Counsel

Sarah Michaels, RN, Director of Apex Population Health and Analytics

Roger Greenawalt, Apex Health Information Actuary


The webinar will begin at 11 a.m. Friday, May 29.