Turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes aren’t necessarily everyone’s favorite things – and some of us would rather skip the Thanksgiving festivities and jump right over to Christmas.

But one thing most of us can agree on: setting aside some time to give thanks is an important part of feeding the soul – whether you’re generously giving the thank-yous, or graciously receiving them.

Below is a list of our top 5 reasons we’re thankful this holiday season.

  1. Healthy challenges. We’re fortunate to have a team of Population Health specialists who not only develop wellness programs for our clients, but who also support the wellness needs of our internal Apex team. This year alone, we’ve had numerous healthy and fun activities like the Apex 500 walking challenge, a water challenge and our holiday-themed Maintain, Don’t Gain Challenge that’s kicking off with a “Gobble Without the Gain” lunch and learn this week. Thanks to this team for pushing us to be healthy all year long.
  2. Flexible schedules. Apex offers flexible schedules throughout the year and we’re looking forward to some extra PTO this week and during the month of December. We can’t wait to enjoy the holidays with our friends and family – mixed with some rest and relaxation for a fresh start in 2020.
  3. A team that cares. We consider ourselves tenacious caregivers who work hard for our clients and our community. But we couldn’t do this without supporting and caring for each other along the way. Over the past week our team has been adding anonymous notes to a wall outside our breakroom to thank each other for all the unique strengths we each bring to Apex. We genuinely value each other and that’s what gives us the fuel to serve others. For that, we are grateful.
  4. A growing team. We recently welcomed two new employees to our Business Development team, and we have a few additional roles waiting to be filled with the right candidates. To accommodate our continued growth, we’ll have some exciting news to share in early 2020. Stay tuned on our social media networks, more details are to come.
  5. Great clients. Last but not least… we’re grateful for our amazing clients who give our work purpose every day. Thank you…we wouldn’t be here without you!

Of course, this is just our top 5, and there are many more things included on our thankful list. But at the core, it’s our focus on the continued good health of our team and those who we serve that keeps us going.

As a few of our teammates mention below, we couldn’t be more grateful for the many blessings we’ve had at Apex in 2019:

“I’m thankful for the camaraderie that our team has, the flexibility of our schedules, and the knowledge and talent that makes up our team. I love how we have a work hard, play hard attitude.”  – Sherry Fazzini, Senior Account Executive

“I’m thankful for a team that feels like family and pulls together in a time of need both in and out of the office. I’m grateful for a CEO who will roll up his sleeves and doesn’t ask us to do anything he wouldn’t do.”  – Andrea Knoy, Senior Account Service Representative

“I’m thankful for the willingness of our employees to pitch in and help when needed. No matter the task, all the Apex employees step up to serve. We all work so well together.”  – Mike Mulcahy, Senior Account Executive

What are you thankful for? Post on our LinkedIn page.