#46 – May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month (Part 2 of 2)

Data analytics is important – But is only relevant if it leads to action and behavior change.  In part two of Scott Long’s conversation with Carol Harnett, President of the Council for Disability Awareness, Scott and Carol discuss the financial risk of being under insured and the consequences of not securing adequate disability insurance coverage.  They wrap up the conversation trading thoughts on how mental health parity fits into the disability awareness conversation and the incredible work being done in the U.S. by organizations like Bring Change to Mind and Okay to Say.  #StrongerThanStigma #OkayToSay #DIAM

To learn more about Disability Insurance Awareness Month, see www.DisabilityCanHappen.org.  To learn more about the CDA’s new consumer outreach program, seewww.RealityCheckup.org.

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