#1 Talent Acquisition – Mindset of the Candidate (Part 1 of 3)

In the first episode of The Point, Scott Long sits down with Lisa Helms (VP of Client Engagement) and Melissa Harding (Director of Client Services and Engagement) of Workhere to dive deep into the subject of talent acquisition. Workhere is an app that makes it easy to find jobs now, where you want to work. Workhere also connects your business with local people who want to work for you. With nearly 22,000 open entry level jobs currently in Indianapolis, this is a timely discussion.

In part one, Scott, Lisa, and Melissa discuss how the recruitment process has changed for employers (0:40), how the process of prospecting has changed for candidates (2:40), and how companies can adapt to those changes (3:30). Lisa and Melissa also stress how important it is for an employer to take on the mindset of the candidate when going through the recruitment process and how best to do that (5:00).

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